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What is Machibarusu ?

Machibarusu is a project with the goal of creating a multiverse filled with diverse and varied stories, characters and worlds. This project was conceptualized in 2019 and went public in 2021, initially founded by Dexiox Dokan and JonaS. It is now only leaded by Dexiox Dokan with the help of Alvarion.

Latest Announcements


At the beginning of the world, four celestial beings were born : Thaelos, Kanvas, Prometae and Galideo. These beings were given the objective, by an higher force, to give birth to four multiverses to accommodate life forms. Each of those celestials set to create and conceptualize these worlds, however Thaelos and Galideo began to fight, claiming that one copied the other's multiverse. Prometae tried to stop them but lost their life in the process. Trying to escape this car, Kanvas locked themself in their own multiverse, beggining to cover it with a impenetrable bubble called Barrier, even for a powerful celestial. This multiverse was called Machibarusu.

Kanvas thus began to shape worlds and beings while making the Barrier stronger. But during this time, the celestial energy coming from Prometae's remains began to undergo a metamorphosis, which was only amplified by the rage coming from the Celestials War. Without stopping its grow, this energy soon took over Prometae's body, reviving them and thus the energy of Chaos was born. With this new power and a growing rage towards the others celestials, Prometae ended the Celestials War by killing both sides and absorbing their energy to grow stronger.

Kanvas noticed all of this, even from Machibarusu and so they try to finish the Barrier quicker, using all the energy they could produce to protect their worlds and lifeforms. However, Prometae managed to imprison some Chaos energy in Machibarusu, aiming to destroy it from inside. With no purpose left, Prometae fell into a deep sleep, waiting for the Barrier to finally break one day. To prevent any catastrophies, Kanvas tried to contain and control Chaos in many ways with the various powerful beings living in this newly born multiverse. A part of it was first locked in Phantasma with the pure objective of trying to control this energy wisely. Another part was sealed into Chaos Artifacts that were scattered all around the multiverse. Finally, most of this energy was locked away in the Chaos Dungeon so that no one could ever use it. Everything being under the protection of the Trinity of Chaos and Kanvas themself.